Woodland Krypton

Puzzles and Teamwork

Our Woodland Krypton Trail is all about communication & teamwork combined with fun challenges to test both brain and balance! School groups are led around the trail with one of our instructors, and for families we offer a self guided option.

The question is which team is the fastest at the giant jigsaw?

Family Woodland Krypton Trail

A fun activity for all the family. Our trail is open during school holidays for families to take on the challenges along the trail. The activity lasts between 1 and 2 hours.

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Woodland Krypton for schools & youth groups

Students take on the various challenges as a team of 10-12. Each challenge encourages team work and communication together with physical dexterity. As a team can they create a ball shoot through the trees, untangle themselves from the web, crack the domino grid and guide the ball through the maze?